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Creating a management system for GlavDostavka logistics company

GlavDostavka is a freight forwarding company with a twelve-year history. Since 2008 they have been independently organizing logistics for our customers. The company is engaged in delivery across the CIS countries, regardless of whether there is a branch in the city of delivery.

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The company operates under a franchise in the Kyrgyz Republic and a system of record-keeping has been implemented by the rules and requirements of the franchise.
The head of the organization turned to us for help in organizing the work process of the company:
    • There is no clarity on the schedule for sending goods. Requests from clients were accepted continuously and in the majority of cases, cargoes were formed incorrectly.
    • The calculation of wages was also not systematized and rather difficult due to the lack of real financial indicators for the activities.
    • Mutual settlements with customers were also handled manually in notebook and notebook entries and reality, there was no traceable process for invoices, bills for payment, etc.
    • The real costs and profits received from each machine were not tracked, which did not allow the manager to get a clear picture to evaluate the effectiveness of the company.

    Because of this, the company as a whole lacked a system of control and accurate accounting and accounted primarily for the unimportant indicators, which collectively led to financial losses in work with customers and increased production and financial costs.

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We needed to create a simple, clear, and convenient company management program in which:
    Keeping records of orders
    Within this functionality managers form orders received from customers, indicate the date of shipment, car, and driver, route.
    Maintaining relationships with customers
    An opportunity to create and specify the cost of rendered services using invoices and issued invoices are realized, as well as the opportunity to make a reconciliation.
    Keeping financial indicators
    Financial expenses and income are fixed not only by items, but also by cars, drivers, and managers, which together allows you to keep track of the effectiveness of each.
    Payroll Accounting
    Financial account
    ting and accounting for the fulfillment of customer orders provides an excellent opportunity to calculate the salaries of employees depending on the percentage of each of them.
    Receiving analytical reports
    The system generates reports on the company's work in the necessary sections and in general.
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Pre-project research, drawing up terms of reference
System analysis
Analysis of client's management system before the development of the system
Briefing of employees
Briefing of employees - questioning and interviewing of the manager, sales managers, and rank-and-file employees who will interact with the system for the description of all processes and their stages, features, and mandatory elements of the business process.
Description of the management system
Text and graphic description of the management system of the company - as a result of the first two sub-stages we prepared Terms of Reference and a scheme of business processes of the system.
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Development, configuration, and installation of the system

Development of the functional part according to the written terms of reference
Testing and making adjustments to the processes - during the testing phase of the accounting system we made some changes to the system for ease of work.
Addition of users into the system - it was necessary to add employees so that all users could use the business process being created.
Access matrix - differentiation of access rights based on the access matrix - because the business process under development has certain limitations and roles by objectives.
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Employee training, preparation of accompanying system documents

Webinars for employees
Employees training in the form of webinars on work with the implemented system - at the end of all works we recorded a total of 30 training videos on the roles of users and delivered them to the customer.
Delivery of the accompanying documentation
Development and delivery of accompanying documentation- we prepared all closing documents for each stage by the requirements of the Agreement.

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During the first quarter of the company's work, GlavDostavka has launched more than 500 flights, which increased the productivity of the execution of orders, as well as the financial performance of the company to 97% and reduced costs and loss of financial performance up to 64%.