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Developing a Learning Platform for Alumni and Fellows of the Hanns Seidel Foundation Program in Central Asia

In Kyrgyzstan, the Hanns Seidel Foundation (HSSF) supports local Central Asian organizations and offers scholarship programs. The Foundation supports participants in educational and training activities through long-term and short-term fellowships.
The Foundation operates in Central Asia
- Since 2002 it has supported institutions in the Kyrgyz Republic
- Projects in more than 60 countries around the world
- 2,063 graduates of 12-24-month master's degree programs in PHC (as of June 2020)

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1. To enhance the professional capacity of FHH fellows and alumni
2. Development of cooperation between fellows and FHS alumni
3. Collection, systematization, storage of information, and access to accumulated information and educational resources
1.Develop a web portal that helps to find interesting material from a professional point of view
2. Provide access to relevant educational and cognitive resources and provide various tools for effective
3.Provide opportunities for alumni and fellows to communicate with each other, faculty, and educational service providers
    • Closed knowledge base
    • Mobile adaptation
    • Signing up for training and conferences
    • Convenient navigation

    When registering and logging in with a personalized username and password, a knowledge base with useful information is available. Namely, reports, presentations, books, and videos.

    Functionality has been developed for recording training and conferences, where you can see the training program and sign up for it, as well as get information about the program by email.

    The appearance of the educational platform is quite simple and easy to use, which allows the target audience to get acquainted with information about upcoming training, about scholarship programs of the foundation, as well as get answers to their questions in the section questions and answers.

    In addition to the desktop version of the site for mobile devices was implemented an adaptive version to work comfortably with the function of the site regardless of the device of use.

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We are a Digital Agency


The learning platform is user-friendly for both students and teachers at the Hanns Seidel Foundation. Users now have access to training materials, publications, announcements, allowing them to develop a professional network of specialists in the fields of municipal and public administration, civil society, and parliamentarian.
    • The learning platform has an original design, with proper functionality. There are brand identity and elements of visual identity: logo, color scheme, conventional icons for interface elements, etc.