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Development and implementation of ERP solution for the Municipal Enterprise "Kara-Suu - Taza Suu

Kara-Suu - Taza-Suu Municipal Enterprise is a municipal enterprise providing water supply services to the population of Kara-Suu town, Osh region.

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At the time of the development and implementation, there was a system based on 1C, where an accountant manually entered all the figures, separated by forms of accounting, which, in turn, did not give a clear understanding and a picture of the debtors, part of the work was done in the tables, the old way.
All this made it difficult to work with the company's subscribers, calculate the cost of services rendered, maintenance work was not considered, as well as claims activities with debtors were not performed.
Development of a modern design of the site, associated with the customer's product, taking into account the planned adaptability of the solution for mobile devices. Development of a personal account for individuals and legal entities.
    • To develop accounting system of the enterprise according to the peculiarities of its activity
    • Develop an accounting system for calculating the cost of services rendered and producing receipts for payment
    • To automate and connect the work of pedestrian controllers and the head of the customer service department
    • Develop a unified system for accounting for the company's operating activities
    • To digitize subscriber interaction processes
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To solve the tasks set

The system of online accounting and interaction of company's employees was developed within the project:
Subscriber department operation
The head of the department independently enters all the data on the subscribers, assigning the personal accounts, as well as the quarters to which the responsible controller is assigned in advance.
In the formation of the document calculating the services rendered, on the phone to each controller gets electronic receipts, on which they make around, entering the data, which is immediately visible to the head of the department.
The cashier, who accepts all cash from subscribers: legal entities and individuals, is immediately notified of the funds received.
The accountant, logging into the system can track the entire chronology of the received payments, as well as generate all the documents in the single developed system.
Based on the results of the development of systems, we have moved on to the next stage - implementation and training.
At this stage, there were 80 face-to-face pieces of training.
Regulatory material on the work with the systems, according to the job descriptions and the hierarchy of authority distribution in the system was prepared.

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During the first quarter of the company operation, there were significant results of reducing the time expenditures of each employee in implementation of job obligations, the accuracy of mutual settlements with subscribers increased up to 98%, the work of controllers and head of the subscriber department in a real-time mode brought the growth of additional indicators such as the speed of settlements in places of acceptance of payments from subscribers, the speed of drawing up and forming reports on the activity of the company.
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Technical support

Currently, we provide technical support services in 24×7 mode, namely:
    • Anti-virus protection
    • Regression and functional testing
    • Round-the-clock monitoring of server availability
    • Continuous monitoring of system integration
    • Prompt recovery in case of need
    • Improvement of new functionality
    • Consulting support
    • Performance of daily backups
    • Update and optimize the settings of software and operating system on the server
    • Additional training for new employees