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Development and implementation of an ERP solution for Elit-Stroy-City

"Elite-Stroy-City" is one of the largest construction companies in Kyrgyzstan. The company is a developer not only in the private sector but also in the construction of apartment buildings, government facilities, and legal buildings.

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About the customer

"Elite-Stroy-City" is one of the largest construction companies in Kyrgyzstan. The company is a developer not only in the private sector but also in the construction of apartment buildings, government facilities, and legal buildings.
    • Develop a corporate website to attract new customers.
    • Reflect complete information for each target audience.
    • Implement a system to maintain relationships with the company's clients, as well as control payments, according to the schedule.
    • Develop an accounting system for warehouse, financial, material.
    • Adapt the site to different devices.
    • To create an up-to-date design concept and create a positive image of the company online.
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During the 10 years of work, the company has built many objects, but its internal accounting has not been able to.
1. Financial accounting and indicators
No accounting of cash flows from cash desks, bank accounts, invoices, etc. was available, therefore, there was no accounting and analytical information about the financial performance of the company.
2. Marketing shell of the company
From the marketing point of view, the company employed only a "word-of-mouth" sales source, and that would have been enough if the company did not enter the markets of other cities of the Republic. Here it was necessary to assert itself confidently and take the quality of sales service, which was absent in the company.
3. The system of client relations
Experienced developers always face problems with low quality of customer service, their loss, or forgotten installment payments. This is what we encountered at Elite Stroy City during our monitoring.
4. Stock control and relations with suppliers
Calculation of the necessary amount of stock for each project, constant stock control, and procurement. Monitoring of payments with suppliers was also not carried out, which led to the accumulation of arrears.
5. Control and analytics of the company's operations
The manager always asked the employees for certain reports to analyze them, it took the company employees a lot of time to prepare the reports: from 1 day up to 2 weeks.
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Project implementation

The system of company record-keeping was developed:
  • Financial operations, depending on the nature and place of movement, are fully reflected in the program, which also allows you to track all processes related to cash, cash registers, and bank accounts, in the context of the items.
  • Maintaining relationships with the company's clients who purchase apartments or order the construction of facilities, which makes it possible to keep track of all commodity and cash movements on the site.
  • Warehouse operations are fully maintained in the system, which allows you to control the schedules of delivery of material to facilities, receiving, moving, selling, and writing off the material while forming a complete analytical reporting on the exact picture of the movement of goods in warehouses.
  • The manager can see any indicators for any period in any section, spending a few seconds, generating a report with one button
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Project implementation

A corporate website of the company was developed:
Together with the client, we did a lot of work to analyze the target audience and analyze competitors. Then we structured information about the company and its activities, making a detailed site map and a scheme of transitions through the pages for each of the target audiences.
As part of the corporate identity of the company, we prepared several design concepts, in each of which the client liked different ideas.
At the design stage, all the ideas we liked from the different concepts were gathered into a common prototype of the future site.
After agreeing on the design concept and structure of the site, 48 design layouts of unique pages were created. Particular attention was paid to the adaptability of information display on different devices.
Key features:
    • Selling the main page of the site with consumer demand in mind.
    • 3D model on the site displaying the structure of the company's facilities.
    • Convenient services and projects catalog.
    • Thoughtful navigation based on industry.
    • Multiple capture forms located in the most necessary places.
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Development and implementation of the CRM system

This system addressed key issues for the company's customer service:
    • A built-in chessboard of apartments and properties, which eliminates the risk of double-selling apartments.
    • Recording of telephone conversations and correspondence with clients, keeping all the most important things
    • Scheduling appointments and apartment showings with clients, reminders were also connected to the phone calendar
    • Omnichannel, which allowed all sources of customer referrals to be linked into a single space
    • Keeping communications and stages of work with clients on the payment of installments: the system reminds the client of the need to make payment, according to the approved schedule, thereby freeing up a manager's time
    • Keeping analytics on the appeals funnel, increasing sales conversion rate.

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Based on the results of the system development, we proceeded to the next stage - implementation and training. There were 50 face-to-face training at this stage. We prepared procedural material on work with systems, according to job descriptions and hierarchy of authority in the system.
During the first quarter of the company's work Elit Stroy City has got complete information on all sections, which allowed to increase the productivity of the fulfillment of obligations to suppliers and customers, as well as to calculate the financial performance of the company to 97% and reduce costs and loss of financial performance to 89%, to attract additional audiences and total customer list increased to 73%, the sales conversion rate increased to 65%, which in total leads to an increase in the net profit of the company by 92%.
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Technical support

We currently provide 24×7 technical support services, namely:
    • performance of daily backups
    • prompt recovery in case of need
    • additional training of new employees
    • improvement of new functionality
    • round-the-clock monitoring of the server and website availability
    • continuous monitoring of the integration of accounting systems
    • anti-virus protection
    • consulting support
    • regression and functional testing
    • reconstruction of information blocks on the site
    • update and optimize the settings of the software and operating system on the server