• How much does it cost and what terms?

    It is quite simple. We have an individual approach to any project and the prices and exact prices will be after a comprehensive analysis.

    The cost starts from $899.

    Deadlines from 15 working days

    How much does it cost and what terms?
  • How does Landing Page work?

    It is quite simple. The main task of the Landing Page is to turn as many people as possible interested in your product or service into real customers.

    How does Landing Page work?
  • Objectives Landing Page

    Landing has two main objectives: to attract visitors from the network (search engines or systems of targeting and contextual advertising) and unnoticeable to a person in the literal sense of the word to make him buy goods or use the service.

    Objectives Landing Page
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    What does landing page mean? In the internet community this is the name of landing pages or single-page sites to increase sales. It is a convenient marketing tool that increases competition. To attract customers is not enough to use simple resources. Landing is included in the list of tools that can raise your sales to a new level, attract customers who will become permanent, as well as interest the audience that you did not consider the target.


    Benefits of our

    No headache

    We will collect all available information about your business, and we will do everything ourselves, "turn-key"!

    Effective system

    Linking competent landing page and professionally customized contextual advertising gives results.

    Customer traffic

    We will create a system that will bring you the most interested customers.

    CMS for content

    The price includes a simple and easy system for editing of landing page.

    Domain and hosting as a gift for you

    The cost of development of landing page includes the domain (in .com .net zones) and 1 year of hosting.

    Discount 10% for landing development

    At 100% prepayment you will get a guaranteed discount of 10% on any package of our services!

    Do you still have questions?

    Free individual layout of your new website. Development in 7 days without any costs and future obligations. Guaranteed!