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Internet store is a store, "showcase" which is located on the Internet. It is a site with a product catalog and a basket for the formation of an order by catalog. After reading the product description and studying the prices, the visitor can order the product online. Online store (aka online shop or e-shop) - a site that is fully adapted to order the goods through the network. There are full cycle pages (from the choice to the possibility to buy something without the participation of a consultant) and selling sites where without human participation it is difficult to make a decision. To order an online store is simple, it is enough to determine the payment and delivery mechanisms. It is more difficult to get a quality tool for sales.


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What comes in
to develop the right online store?

Selection of methods and means for the most effective achievement of corporate website creation goals.
User-friendly, intuitive interface. Easy to use, comfortable in the work site with a well-organized structure.
Lightweight, fast downloadable and adaptive to any endpoint user interface that works seamlessly in any browser and operating system. Reliable, versatile engine (CMS) with optimal work algorithms.
We will make a convenient form of loading goods, set up management of filters, tags and tags. We will fully teach you how to add and edit goods by yourself.
We pay special attention to basket design as one of the most important sections. Connect the payment acceptance system, as well as add delivery methods if necessary.
We will implement a personal account for each client, set up promotional offers for categories, create a section with reviews and set up a system of product recommendations based on earlier search queries. We will offer optimal solutions to increase conversion and average check.

Advantages of our online stores

No headache

We will collect all available information about your products, and make sure that you buy from us!

Effective system

Fast boot speed and correct display on all devices will reduce bounce rates.

Customer traffic

We will create a system that will bring you the most interested customers.

CMS for content

The price includes a simple and easy system for editing of landing page.

Domain and hosting as a gift for you

The cost of development of landing page includes the domain (in .com .net zones) and 1 year of hosting.

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