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What is a startup? Not only are they desperate guys who are tired of 5/2 work and have an idea for a million, but they don't have this very million yet. They are also big companies that have new business opportunities - new products, directions, niches or markets. The development of a project startup usually involves its future monetization or sale, and most likely, the interaction of a large number of users with the volume functionality.
That's why it's necessary to build a more reliable and secure architecture, which will be sensitive to scalability (implementation of new functionality and optimization of the previously developed one) and uninterrupted operation in moments of high load.

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What comes in
to startups
for you?

Definition of main goals and objectives of the startup development
Formation of the structure of the future system using flowcharts, as well as marketing analysis, a full range of technical documentation, including all the business logic and plan of product launch.
Creation of a convenient, intuitive interface - easy to use, comfortable in work, with a well-organized structure.
Technical implementation of the system's program core, binding to the interface. Full development cycle with serious quality control.
Loading of necessary initial data, testing of system operation. Setting up access rights. Development of instructions for staff.
Full range of services to promote the project online and offline
Search for investments into the project on the European, American and Russian markets.

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