• How much does it cost and what terms?

    It is quite simple! We have an individual approach to any project and the exact prices will be only after complex analysis! Cost from 1200$ Deadlines from 20 working days
    How much does it cost and what terms?
  • Why do you need a corporate website?

    Comprehensive representation of the company in the Internet environment. At the same time it solves the tasks of image and positioning, communication with clients, attracting new potential clients to all groups of goods and services.

    Why do you need a corporate website?
  • Corporate website development

    Multi-tasking and wide coverage - with all the attention to detail. Turn-key solutions for large and medium businesses

    Corporate website development
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    Today the corporate website is not only the "face" of the company, its bright "showcase". Its own Internet site is an indispensable business assistant in solving urgent practical tasks. It is an effective sales channel, a platform for internal and external communications, a way to increase brand awareness, as well as an additional mouthpiece of advertising companies. Needless to say, the creation of a corporate website improves the reputation of the company and helps to expose it in a better light.
    Individual development of a corporate website is primarily a focus on the end consumer, on your target audience. Our main goal is to make your website work. It is simple: you earn - we earn. The indicator of our work is the success of our customers.

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    What comes in
    to develop a corporate website?

    Selection of methods and means for the most effective achievement of corporate website creation goals.
    User-friendly, intuitive interface. Easy to use, comfortable in the work site with a well-organized structure.
    Lightweight, fast downloadable and adaptive to any endpoint user interface that works seamlessly in any browser and operating system
    Reliable, versatile engine (CMS) with optimal algorithms of work, low server load, undemanding for hardware resources hosting.
    Professional text writing, media content creation. Comprehensive testing using various user devices. Testing stability of work in popular browsers.

    Do you still have questions?

    Free individual layout of your new website. Development in 7 days without any costs and future obligations. Guaranteed!

    Advantages of the site

    No headache

    We will collect all available information about your business, and we will do everything ourselves, "turn-key"!

    Effective system

    Linking competent landing page and professionally customized contextual advertising gives results.

    Customer traffic

    We will create a system that will bring you the most interested customers.

    CMS for content

    The price includes a simple and easy system for editing of landing page.

    Domain and hosting as a gift for you

    The cost of development of landing page includes the domain (in .com .net zones) and 1 year of hosting.

    Discount 10% for landing development

    At 100% prepayment you will get a guaranteed discount of 10% on any package of our services!