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Automated web system: the perfect setting for your business. It is an information system that provides management and coordination between all business processes of the organization, data processing and analysis, planning of activities, linking the various departments of the company into a single whole, etc. As a rule, an effective system is developed individually - for the needs of a particular company, for the tasks of a particular business area. In spite of this, our specialists in the development of systems lay down the possibilities of scaling and increasing the functionality, as the changes in the customer company itself are accumulated.

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What comes
in web system development?

Definition of the main goals and objectives of system implementation in the organization.
Forming the structure of the future control system using flowcharts, a detailed description of the functionality of each module.
Creation of a convenient, intuitive interface - easy to use, comfortable in work, with a well-organized structure.
Technical implementation of the system's program kernel, binding to the interface.
Loading of necessary initial data, testing of system operation. Setting up access rights. Development of instructions for staff.

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Advantages of our web systems

No headache

We analyze your business, and make a system that will work for you!

Effective system

A system tailored to your business will bring results.

Customer Retention

We will create a system that will analyze the work of companies.

Analysis and reporting

The system will allow you to receive reports on the work of the enterprise.

Server Configuration

We will not only develop systems for you and configure the server to work properly.

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